• A 66-year-old male, who consistently shoots 80 or worse at his club, took a one-week break from play to practice swing with his EndSwate Set. After one week of practice swinging the EndSwate a couple times per day he landed 14 greens and shot a 72 – BEST EVER!
  • Handicap dropped from 8 to 5 within 3 weeks - 37.5% improvement.
  • Handicap dropped from 15 to 11 within 4 weeks - 26.7% improvement.
  • Handicap dropped from 104 to 92 within 3 weeks - 11.5% improvement.
  • It eliminated my casting first time using it.
  • I’m hitting the ball further than I ever have!
  • I’m hitting the ball straighter than I ever have!
  • I’ve tended to stop my swing when chipping and pitching, not anymore!
  • Warming up is so much faster!


  • Students are working through troubling swing issues as much as 3 months faster, many times in one session... it is incredible!
First time instructing with the EndSwate:
  • There are dramatic improvements to lag time to impact, casting, and clubhead follow through - it’s unbelievable!
  • It resolves decelerating ball striking and clubhead speed, especially for pitching and chipping!
  • Clubhead speed increases significantly, resulting in as much as 35 yards greater ball travel with woods, 20 yards with irons, and 10 yards with wedges.
  • Improvements to ball striking and ball dispersion is much more consistent.
  • Mental muscle memory transfers to game play immediately, it is remarkable!


  • I’ve never seen anything improve my kids swing as much and as quickly as the EndSwate!
  • Not only can I see the difference in my kids swing, I can hear it in the swoosh of the air and impact with the ball, it’s unbelievable!
  • Without seeing the results, I wouldn’t have believed it was true, or possible.
  • There is a competitive advantage for my kid to work with the EndSwate!
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