Types of Golf Clubs and When To Use Them

Types of Golf Clubs and When To Use Them

Golf is a sport that appeals to people who like tools. Just like a mechanic will look at a problem and collect the tools needed to solve it, a golfer may look at a shot and decide which club will get them where they need to go. To learn to make those decisions, you can read this list of the types of golf clubs and when to use them.


The driver is the first club you use on the course. In some cases, golfers may use them on the fairway. But they’re typically best for the tee shot. After all, their job is to get the ball as far away from the tee as possible. Usually, the driver is the longest club in the set and features the lowest loft angle, which is the tilt of the clubface.

Fairway Woods

The fairway woods are the next clubs on this list of types of golf clubs and when to use them. They’re among the most versatile clubs in your bag. Golfers use them for long-distance fairway shots or good lies on the rough. Golfers who struggle with their drivers may use them on the tee as well.


Irons are the clubs you need as you approach the green. Since they offer so much control, these versatile clubs can be just what you need when you’re in trouble. On average, a golf bag will have eight irons, ranging from two to nine. The higher the number, the higher the loft. Therefore, an iron with a higher number will hit the ball higher in the air. But the ball will also travel a shorter horizontal distance.


When you need low-distance shots with a high trajectory, you should turn to your wedges. They help golfers get out of difficult situations. Here are some different types of wedges:

  • Pitching wedges are ideal for shots that are 50 to 120 yards from the green.
  • Sand wedges are what you need to get out of a bunker.
  • Lob wedges create a steep ascent and descent. This is very useful when you’re behind a tree.


The putter is the final club you need on the course. This is what you use to tap the ball into the hole when it is on the green.

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