Tips for Increasing Your Driver Distance

Tips for Increasing Your Driver Distance

By reading these tips for increasing your driver distance, you’ll prepare yourself for the unbelievable distances that are becoming more and more common in this sport. A modern golfer needs to be able to hit their drive a great distance. Hopefully, this list will help you achieve just that.

Increase the Backswing Speed

Golfers get some advantages when they increase the speed of their backswing. For one thing, their hips and shoulders tend to turn more. Lengthening their swing will give them more time to pick up speed on the downswing. Furthermore, a quick backswing requires a more muscular contraction to decelerate the body and club during the transition. That means more power.

Keep Shoulders Back

Golfers can increase their impact by keeping their shoulders back longer during the downswing. Meanwhile, they should accelerate their wrists, arms, and club through the impact. Most golfers only use their torso to give them power and never consider how much they could gain from their wrists and arms. By committing to this motion, golfers keep their head behind the ball until after impact. This helps with less spin, a great indicator of more distance.

Harder Practice Swings

Perhaps the most obvious on this list of tips for increasing your driver distance, you can increase the distance on your drivers simply by hitting the ball faster. Increase your speed by starting with practice swings off the ground. Bring the club back and whack it down. Listen for the sound of your club. The whooshing sound should be as loud as possible—but be careful that you don’t lose your balance.


Using your wrists can make a dramatic impact on your drive. The proper grip is when the club is held in your fingers. You should have security but without losing tension. As you train to improve your driver distance, use a golf grip counterweight.

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