I'm not sure what kind of witchcraft you used to get this to Atlanta in one day, but thanks. I have been playing for 35 yrs...a few of which were as an assistant in the Philadelphia section. I hope people use it wisely, it was enlightening for me to feel it in the first 18" of my swing. I reallly get the feeling that the head is stacked with much more potential energy again. I can really feel how my hands were veering the shaft off its path. I'm sure you don't care, but wanted to share.

Eric S.

Doug, this not only lived up to what I thought it was going to be, but is the best swing trainer I have ever used in my life. I have the lag shot, hangar, swing shirt, you name it. Nothing has worked for my swing like this 14 oz product. I please ask that you don't use this testimonial for marketing purposes just yet, as I would like to speak with you before that. I am beyond impressed and think you have made the best product for mature golfers, I really do.

Jonathan S.

I’ve been using this product for about a year almost everyday. About 10 nice slow swings with an iron, then put on weight for 10 swings. I used to hit my 6 iron about 150 yards in the air, now I can hit an 8, with a definite feeling of compression of ball. Complete satisfaction from this awesome product. ⛳️

Daniel J.

“FYI – I took a golf lesson this past Sunday am from Don Sargent, who is a top 100 teaching professional, at Scioto CC here in Columbus, OH.  He had me try the EndSwate during our lesson time.  I think I was his first student to try it.  I was convinced that this would be a good tool for me & ordered one for myself & one for my husband as soon as I got home.  My husband & I then went out & played 18 holes.

I proceeded to get a hole in 1 on our #8 par 3 hole.  That is my testimonial for your product.”

Kris H.

“Had to write to you to tell you how much your product has helped my game.  I had the best ball striking round of my life last Thursday.  I went from having trouble breaking 90 to flirting with breaking 80.  If I could putt I would have broken 80 my last few rounds. “

Joseph A.

“I have the 11oz EndSwate and cannot believe how much my swing has improved.  What a great invention!  Cannot thank you enough.”

Joseph A.

“The just returned from the driving range, and after a month and half of using your endswate, I’ve gained 20 yards on my irons, and 25 on my driver and it straightened out a lot, no more slice.” 

Tom C.

“I purchased the 8oz EndSwate intrigued by the intriguing thought process with a weighted butt end of a golf club.

I just wanted to thank you and commend the product.

It took me a while to get used to it, obviously indicating a slight swing flaw. But I now use it religiously during all my practice sessions and the improvement of my iron ball striking is definitely noticeable. While I play to a single digit handicap I have struggled with consistency in my irons. Since using this product I can feel the change and my iron strikes are so much more solid.

I felt compelled to write and thank you. I have recommended the product to several of my fellow golfing fanatics as I truly think this is one of the best training aids I have ever used.”

Ken N.

“I have been practicing on the range with the 8oz Endswate. Suffice it to say one will learn very quickly, as I did, what adjustments are needed in their swing to make consistent, solid ball-turf contact with irons. Yours is a great product! It does what you say it will do! A lot of swing aids can’t deliver on the promises made, but yours does.”

Jim F.

“I can’t tell you how many swing gizmos I’ve bought through the years—most of which have not been of any real help. EndSwate is an absolute breakthrough! It help me correct my over-the-top swing flaw with really just a short warm-up session. Super product—many thanks.

George H.

“Thank you for the fast shipping. I started using the EndSwate before my round. I immediately felt a difference in my follow through. I have a similar weight to practice with, but your product allows me to practice with my clubs. I have noticed more consistency in my ball striking since I started using it. I am a 3 handicap but struggle from time to time in losing distance and consistency in ball striking. Your device has helped me improve my consistency and hit more greens in regulation per round. I look forward to continue using the EndSwate. Great product.”

Lojero O.

“just returned from the driving range, and after a month and half of using your endswate, I’ve gained 20 yards on my irons, and 25 on my driver and it straightened out a lot, no more slice.”

Kirk H.

Received the set Monday and used them for just a few minutes on Tuesday. Used them Wednesday on wedges and then a little before playing on Thursday afternoon.  I shot 69, hit 17 greens and had the best day with irons in a long time. Guess I better put one on my driver and get to work. You have made a believer out of me.” 

David S.

“Best training aid I’ve seen in 45 years.  It works”

Ray N.

“One of the Best Swing Fixers I’ve ever used.  My students love it.”

Tom F.

“Immediately fixes my topping issue when I have it on the club.  I definitely hit my irons more consistently now.”

Anthony B.

“This tool is awesome.  Great warmup tool.”

Steve K.

“It works.  Easy to use.  Quick feedback.  Simple concept.”

Don W.

My 14 oz. arrived in the mail today, with only a few practice sessions with EndSwate, I can tell it`s going to do wonders for my game, I have released the club early for thirty years, the weight on the handle end of the club lets the hands fall in perfect position every time. Thanks Doug.”

Chris B.

“I love it and use it to warm up.  It gives me a feeling of falling up on the release if that makes sense to anyone other than me.”


I got mine and in one range session I was no longer casting from the top but driving my hands down to the ball and my club was in the slot. I was compressing the ball with an inside out pattern and hitting the most natural little draw I’ve ever hit!! GAME CHANGER!!”