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How To Improve Your Putting Technique

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How To Improve Your Putting Technique

If you want to know how to improve your putting technique, you should read this article and see if you can find any helpful information. Putting is often overlooked, but serious golfers know they must master their short game if they ever want to achieve a much lower score. In this article, you will find several tips to improve your game, as well as drills you can use to practice those improvements.

Set Up

Knowing how to organize and align your body for success on the green is crucial to an overall lower score in golf. When you set up and align your body to the ball, you must narrow your sightline, relax your arms, and square your shoulders.

Throughout this setup, you must remain completely still. Being off-centered or lacking stability will make the putter’s path inconsistent. You do not even want to follow the ball with your eyes after you hit it. Once you have hit the ball, count to one and then see where it lands.

Judge Distances

Until you learn how to properly judge distances, you will never succeed in golf. This is the case for your entire golf game, but it is especially true in regard to putting. To improve your abilities as a putter, you should give your eyes an exam every time you go up to putt. Pick a target that is over 20 feet from you and imagine it in your mind.

Stand at the side of the putt, not behind the ball. With your eyes closed, point to the target. Then look at where you are staring to see if you were close. Golfers who miss the mark a little should not be discouraged. It can take a long time to develop a strong sense of depth.


This suggestion for how to improve your putting technique may sound a little unorthodox, as it does not require you to pick up a putter and tap your ball. This technique does not ask for action but instead invites you to truly meditate on the green. You should begin each session by practice reading a green without any movement.

You can do this on each hole once you reach the green or do it on the practice greens before each round. The goal is simply to look at the green and try to determine how a ball would move along it. You want to analyze its curves and speed. In your mind’s eye, try to picture how a ball would move along the green before you actually approach the game with your own putting.

The Horizontal Side-to-Side Survey

There are visualization techniques you can bring to each putt to ensure the best chance for a superb stroke. One of the most common and useful techniques is the horizontal side-to-side survey. You can get a better understanding of the slope by analyzing the green with this method.

First, look at the putt’s last three feet standing behind the hole. Picture in your mind’s eye two coins on the sides of the putt line going from your ball to the cup. Kneel down and follow your eyes horizontally between the coins to determine the slope of the green. For a complete understanding of the slope, repeat the procedure on the other side of the putt. You can also drop coins on the green until you get the hang of this visualization technique.


The best golfers in the world got to their station because they practiced often and were patient with their mistakes. It takes a long time to learn how to judge distances correctly. Putting together a flawless alignment and rhythm can take years.

Give yourself the confidence and forgiveness you need to return to the course even when you are discouraged. You can build this confidence by sinking as many short cups in a row as you can. Bit by bit, you can move back and watch your skills improve. Set yourself reasonable goals and enjoy the process.

The 100 Straight Drill

It cannot be overstated how essential concentration and patience are to putting. You can test your dedication by achieving a successful putt 100 times in a row. The 100 Straight Drill is simple, but it can help you build consistency, which is vital on the golf course.

To complete the drill, pick a flat spot on the practice green. Stick your tee two or three feet away from the cup. Finally, line up your short straight putt and tap it in. Simple enough? Now do the same thing 99 more times. Throughout the drill, you will develop form and focus. Not only will this help the technique sink in, but you will also feel more confident watching a hundred balls fall into the hole.

The Meter Stick Drill

The Meter Stick Drill is a great activity if you want to ensure your putter face is being hit straight on impact. To accomplish the drill, get your hands on a meter stick and put it down six feet away from a target or hole. Put the ball down on the side of the meter stick opposite the target. Hit your putt and see to what extent it stays on the meter stick. If it stays on the entire way, your putter face was square at impact.

The Manila Folder Drill

The Manila Folder Drill is perfect for golfers who want to learn how to control their speed. The speed of a putt is crucial for avoiding those awful three-putts. Simply set a manila folder down on the practice green six feet away from you. Roll your putts toward the folder and try to have them stop when they touch its surface. A folder’s surface is difficult to hold, so you need to pay extra attention to the speed of your putts.


Putting is one of the most important yet criminally overlooked areas of golf. If you want to truly master the game, you cannot only focus your energy on drivers and hits. Though it is often more fun to hit the ball harder and farther, putts are worth just as much as any other stroke. Do not let your putting game suffer just because you want to have more fun. Follow these instructions and watch yourself improve little by little each time you go off to the course. Also, if you are shopping for a golf pro training aid, take a look at what EndSwate has to offer.

How To Improve Your Putting Technique