4 Helpful Tips for Increasing Your Swing Speed

4 Helpful Tips for Increasing Your Swing Speed

Golfers are always looking for an edge. They want an advantage on the other guy—some skill or practice that makes them just a little bit better. For many golfers, a faster swing will bring exactly that. Read these four helpful tips for increasing your swing speed so that you can come to the course with greater confidence and enhanced abilities.

Improve Physical Fitness

Though it’s impossible to say how much an increase in physical fitness will alter your golf game, it is fair to say that an improvement in your overall range of motion and strength will move your club faster and send your ball farther. Find a fitness plan that makes the most sense for you considering your age, health, and level of commitment. You should work on your core, as that’s where you will find the most strength for a full swing.

Get the Right Club

There are enough drivers in the market today that you can find the perfect one for your size and methods. Golfers can waste years playing with a wrong-sized club. With a nice driver, though, you can improve your speed, distance, and accuracy.

Work on the Rotation

As one of the most important points on this list of four helpful tips for increasing your swing speed, rotating the upper body will have an excellent effect on your momentum. You want your upper body turned 90 degrees with your back facing the target at the top. Your hips should only rotate half that angle (45 degrees). With this angle, you will have the necessary power and torque to swing quickly and powerfully.

Leverage Your Wrist as a Lever

To improve your speed, you should think of your wrist as a lever. Your wrists hinge on the way back, but for an optimal golf swing, your wrists should stay hinged until before impact. Keeping them hinged this way means you will not waste more energy casting the club. Instead, you can put that energy into your speed.

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