5 Tips To Get Rid of Pop-Ups Off the Tee

5 Tips To Get Rid of Pop-Ups Off the Tee

Few mistakes make golfers more frustrated than pop-ups off the tee. They can add more than a few strokes to your game by flying high, hitting short, or skewing way off course. Thankfully, there are ways to fix this. All it takes is a little focus and practice. Follow these five tips to get rid of pop-ups off the tee. You will be amazed how quickly you see results.

Number One: Adjust the Ball

You may feel compelled to make changes to your setup, but a great deal can be accomplished simply by adjusting the golf ball. Many golfers place their ball improperly, resulting in nasty pop-ups. When you are driving, you want the ball off to your left heel to encourage hitting a bit up. Too many golfers put the gall at the middle, thus creating pop-ups.

Number Two: Fix the Tee Height

Altering the tee height to optimize your drive is one of the simplest ways to make drastic improvements. Far too many golfers play with their tees too high out of the grass. A high tee makes it easy to hit under the ball and send it popping upward. Fixing this problem is simple enough: lower the tee a bit.

Number Three: Wider Stance

When your feet are too narrow, you can easily hit the ball at a steep angle. With a wider stance, you will have a flatter backswing, allowing for extra speed. You want your swing to be circular, not an oval.

Number Four: Shallow Your Club

Shallowing your club can go a long way to get rid of those annoying balloon shots. A shallow club means:

  • Having a proper takeaway
  • Keeping a neutral or strong grip on the driver
  • Dropping the driver inside during the downswing

Number Five: Wide Swing Paths

One of the most important pieces of advice on this list of tips to get rod pop-ups off the tee is that you must have a slow and wide backswing. Too many golfers move the driver upright and too quickly. When you use a wider stroke, the ball will have a better angle.

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