Why counterweighting?

Weight in front of the hands, induces casting and if the weight is heavy enough, it will trigger the brain to activate slow twitch muscles.  This will induce inconsistency throughout the swing path, slow down swing mechanics, and reduce ball travel.  This has been proven through objective research and science for all sports that use sticks, clubs, rackets, etc. intended to strike an object.

The science relates to the moment of inertia and how counter weighting leads the butt end of the device to the target being struck.  The effects, hands come through faster, the shaft follows and aligns to the optimal slot of the ball path, and speed increases generating greater power.  Also, swinging with counterweights triggers and/or maintains fast twitch muscles.

For golfers specifically, the butt end leads to the ball, keeping the hands low and fast through the down swing, prevents the butt end from raising prematurely, and pulls the hands out and away throughout the follow through.

Finally, when more efficient proper swing mechanics are experienced and recognized, they quickly map to one’s mental muscle memory and transfer to better play, lower scores and handicap.

How do I determine the size of my golf grip?

The grip size is labelled on the end of the golf grip.  If no grip size is identified, it is a Standard grip.  Note, clubs bought new are fitted with Standard grips. There are 5 grip size categories where some grip labels have multiple titles.  Here are most of these combinations:

  • Oversize, Jumbo, or Arthritic which is the largest size.
  • Midsize
  • Standard, Tour, or it won’t be labeled.
  • Undersized or Women’s.
  • Junior which is the smallest size.


EndSwate grip sizes fit up to the next larger size to account for golfers who add additional layers of tape and varying sizes that may exist within a given grip size. An EndSwate grip size will be too large for any grip sizes smaller.

How do I determine the best weight for me?

8oz EndSwate is best for golfers with proficient swing mechanics, fantastic for speed work, timing, and hitting balls initially. 

11oz EndSwate is our most versatile product since you can effectively warmup with it, gain strength, speed, and initially hit balls with it.  Although, it is a more natural transition to work up from the 8oz if your objective is to hit balls with it long-term.

14oz EndSwate is ideal for golfers struggling with significant swing issues (Lag time to impact, casting, and/or clubhead follow through).  It will yield results faster, since the substantial weight enables the golfer to experience and internalize poor stroke mechanics immediately.  For Advanced golfers with proficient swings, results are even more dramatic, since the advanced player doesn’t need to overcome swing inefficiencies.

EndSwate Sets are for those looking to maximize results by practice swinging and hitting balls up and down through the weights.  This will produce the most dynamic results for all levels and ages.

Ultimately, whichever EndSwate you choose and practice with, you will achieve excellent results.

Is there an instructor package for different clients?
The EndSwate is agnostic to age and skill level since it is an aid that integrates naturally with the swing and your own golf clubs. 
There are 6 primary areas golfers are using the EndSwate to improve their game, with accompanying best practices.
1. Warming Up – This is simply warming up before your round, remembering to swing both ways so as not to over develop one side and/or promote repetitive injury. The compelling reason to warmup with the EndSwate is that it accomplishes this more efficiently (time) and effectively than hitting ball son the range prior to play. The effectiveness comes from how the EndSwate reinforces the proper swing mechanics prior to your first drive and the rest of your game. We find the 14oz is the most optimal for warming up. BTW, many of the golfers purchase two, one for home and one always in their bag.
2. Practice Swinging – A large portion of our golfers never hit balls with it, they simple warm up and then take a dozen or two full swings every other day. As you know 3 times per week to maintain.
3. Hitting Balls – For those who hit balls with the EndSwate, usually a good portion of a bucket of balls are hit alternating between hitting with and without.
Note, when hitting balls with the 11oz, and especially the 14oz, when you remove the EndSwate and hit balls without it, it will take about 8 swings for your body to acclimate to your faster clubhead speed.
4. Wedge Work – This has probably become the most dramatic improvement space with golfers who decelerate or punch their wedges. Within a bucket of balls 20’ish yards out, this pesty deficiency dissolves away and changes their short game. I get 5 to 10 calls a week, “Dougie! This has completely changed my short game.” The heavier weights (11oz & 14oz) yield the greatest returns.
5. Practice Rounds – The EndSwate is not sanctioned for official play, but most golfers are using it while they play. I designed it to easily go on and off as well as carry.
6. Working Out with the Set – the Set is being used for practice swinging and/or hitting balls. The difference here from just using a single EndSwate, is that golfers swing up (8oz, 11oz, & 14zo) and down (14oz, 11oz, 8zo, & no EndSwate) through the weights like going to the gym. This is resulting in golfers building endurance and strength where they no longer get fatigued during rounds of 18 or 36 holes. The golfers reporting this say that it took approximately 5 weeks at 3 time per week for them to realize these outcomes. These are golfers playing 36 rounds multiple times per week and tournaments. Also, this is clearly the optimal configuration for the fastest and greatest results.
putters since it provides a great pendulum affect while squaring up the head of the putter to the ball. 
Also, please see our YouTube channel for instructional videos – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7g_EENgVYwoEmL0YEr2vHQ?view_as=subscriber.
Are there best practices for using the EndSwate?

Best Practices Using the EndSwate

Practice full swings at least a dozen times 3 to 4 times a week.

Note: when hitting balls with the EndSwate, at first, poor ball striking may be exaggerated, emphasizing imperfect swing mechanics. Let the EndSwate science work and guide you through these troubling issues by continuing to hit with it or go back to practice swinging without hitting balls.

Also, finish hitting balls without an EndSwate. This will calibrate your faster clubhead speed naturally, straightening your ball travel without losing clubhead speed or distance. It is quite remarkable!
Swing or hit balls up and down through the weights, always finishing down through the weights without an EndSwate. This method is yielding the greatest result.

For tough imperfections you’re trying to overcome, practice swing the 14oz, since the substantial weight enables the golfer to experience and internalize correct swing mechanics immediately. You will be delighted!

Before playing a round, warm-up with the EndSwate, it is the most efficient way to prepare yourself while reinforcing proper swing mechanics and mental muscle memory that transfers to your play on the course.

Also, please see our YouTube channel for instructional videos – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7g_EENgVYwoEmL0YEr2vHQ?view_as=subscriber.

Can I hit balls with the EndSwate?

Yes, and understand that when initially hitting balls with the EndSwate, results may vary dramatically since the weight will amplify good and bad ball striking.  As your swing mechanics improve and your timing recalibrates you will begin to yield the significant consistent results the EndSwate has to offer as a training aid.  In fact, proficient ball strikers realize these results faster and more dramatically since they are not overcoming less than optimal swing mechanics.

Also, players are finding that finishing hitting balls by working down through the weights ending without the EndSwate, is a more natural transition, resulting in significantly better ball striking performance than simply dropping down from a 14oz or 11oz to no EndSwate at all.  This methodology is becoming a “best practice” for players and instructors.

Will the EndSwate improve my score and handicap?

Since there are so many variable associated with game play, we don’t claim direct score and handicap improvements, but you will improve your lag time to impact, casting or throwing of the club, and/or clubhead speed and follow through.  Additionally, your improved swing mechanics are programmed into your mental muscle memory and immediately transfer to your course play.

Current Objective Results:

During first instructor lessons, students are experiencing straighter and more consistent ball flight while increasing ball distance as much as 35 yards with drivers, 25 yards with irons, and 10 yards with wedges.

Out on the course, improvements to handicaps are as much as 25% within 4 weeks when practice swinging with the EndSwate 3 to 4 times per week.  After 4 months, improvements as much as 37.5% have been achieved.

What do you mean by mental muscle memory?

Many folks simply say muscle memory, which is inaccurate because your muscles do not have memory.  Therefore, the proper terminology is mental muscle memory for the process of training your skills to perform at their highest level consistently.  This also emphasizes the importance of understanding everything you can about your swing mechanics… and practice practice practice.

Swing Better Play Better!

Is an instructor necessary to use the EndSwate?

Not necessary, since the EndSwate is a training aid that naturally guides and develops proper swing mechanics and the mental muscle memory needed for consistency. 

Although, instructors provide great insight into your swing mechanics, optimizing your equipment, and game strategies and tactics for your play style.  

I wrap my shafts with a couple extra layers of tape, should I buy the next largest size EndSwate?

If you add more than 3 layers of tape on your shaft, you should buy the next larger size EndSwate. 

For Oversize/Jumbo grips that have greater than 3 layers of tape, you will likely need to dedicate a club without the extra tape to use the EndSwate. 

What is your return policy?

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you are not 100% satisfied with the EndSwate product(s) within the first 30 days from date of purchase, we will refund your purchase price within 3 days of receiving the product(s).  Item(s) must not be damaged and the original receipt or on-line order number is required.

Contact Customer Support support@endswate.com or call 760-212-9310 for a return policy number and/or label.  Package the Endswate in a padded envelope or small box and attach the label. 

If you do not have a label, address the package as follows: 

Your address

EndSwate Address 

Attn: Customer Return

1470 Encinitas Blvd, #125

Encinitas, CA 92024

PRODUCT WARRANTY: EndSwate warrants, to the original consumer only, that its products will be free from defect in materials and workmanship during normal and customary use for 1 year from the original date of purchase, and the product has not been abused, altered, defaced, or misused, or otherwise damaged through the act of neglect of the consumer or a third party.

Will EndSwates work on JumboMax grips?

The only JumboMax size that may work with our EndSwate is JumboMax's SO which would relate to our Oversize EndSwate.

Otherwise, you will need to have an extra club with a standard oversize grip or small for practices swing purposes.