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Drills for Fixing Your Over-the-Top Golf Swing

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Drills for Fixing Your Over-the-Top Golf Swing

Many golfers are haunted by the dreaded influence of the over-the-top swing. If you’re sick of seeing that big slice, try out these drills for fixing your over-the-top golf swing.

What Is It?

Coming over the top occurs when your club travels too far from your body during the downswing. When you swing correctly, at the top of your backswing your hands and arms should drop down and travel near your body. By coming to the ball from the inside, you can make the right impact to watch the ball launch straight and far.

But it doesn’t feel natural to let the club come from the inside. People instead often push the club forward, forcing it immediately to impact and making the club “come over the top” and go away from the body. This mistake often leads to a couple of outcomes such as:

  1. Leaving a spin on the ball, which will often cause a big slice.
  2. Violently pushing the golf ball.

Glove Under-Arm Drill

First on this list of drills for fixing your over-the-top golf swing is the Glove Under-Arm Drill. To complete this drill, you must:

  1. Get a lanyard with a clip attached to its end.
  2. Place the lanyard around your neck and fasten a golf club to the clip.
  3. Put a glove under your back armpit (use the right armpit if you are right-handed.)
  4. Hit the shot.

Pay attention if the glove falls from your armpit during the downswing. If it does, then you’re coming over the top.

Impact Tape Drill

For this drill, you’ll need to purchase impact tape, which is basically tape that shows where on the face of your club you should make impact with the ball. Once you have impact tape attached to several club faces, go to the driving range and get started. Do the following:

  1. Hit a few shots at different levels of intensity.
  2. Record which of the swings was the most consistent.

Until you do the research and recording, you won’t know how to mark your progress.

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