Wayne Faulkner and I are folks who are always noodling on ways to improve upon how we accomplish things and achieve results.  We recognized this trait in each other, as well as the sense of urgency and enthusiasm about everything we do… work or play!

Motivated by Jack Nicklaus (who used lead tape on all his clubs) and all the science that proves out that a counterweight is most optimal for swing mechanics and clubhead speed, we were convinced more weight was the answer and decided to design, develop, and sell the EndSwate.  Additionally, during this process we were adamant that the EndSwate had to yield objective measurable results for instructors and players of all ages and levels, and holy buckets does it!

We also recognized that it was imperative to establish an alliance with a top-rated instructor and academy that would verify and validate that the product does what we believe it would.  This is when Kip Puterbaugh and his Aviara Golf Academy became part of the team.

After months of extensive field testing, results have far exceeded our most optimistic expectations.   For Kip, he was amazed just how significant in such a short period of time it improves swing mechanics.  Additionally, he was surprised and delighted how it re-programmed mental muscle memory that transferred immediately to a round of golf.

Now that we have all the operational aspects of manufacturing and order fulfillment running smoothly, we are spending as much of our time with instructors and golfers whenever and wherever.  In fact, if you’re out and about in San Diego and you see someone walking around town with an EndSwate on the end of a golf club, it is probably me.  Please come say hi, I would so enjoy meeting you.  Or don’t hesitate to send me an email and a convenient time for me to call.

Can’t wait to hear about your results using the EndSwate – Swing Better Play Better!

Douglas Herman

[email protected]

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