5 Must-Know Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

5 Must-Know Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

We put together a list of five must-know ways to improve your golf swing to give beginners new insights into the game. By incorporating these tips and best practices into your playing, you can level up your talent as a golfer.

1. Wider Arc

When you bring the club above your head, you should endeavor to move your hands away from your right ear as much as possible. You must keep that width as you travel to the peak of the backswing. A wide swing arc will automatically create a faster downswing and take away the chopping action that leads to slices and pop-up drives.

2. Hit Down on Iron Shots

Most beginners have trouble understanding this piece of advice. Many think they need to strike through their swing and help the ball fly through the air. However, experienced golfers know you must use your irons to strike down on the ball to get the preferred lift.

3. Count

A common rookie mistake is to swing the golf club too quickly. You can overcome this by “counting off” the swing. Count “one” when you begin the swing, “two” when you have reached the peak of the backswing, “three” upon impact,” and then “four” once you attain a balanced finish.

4. Training Equipment

Many golfers, both pros and newbies, get a lot of benefit from using golf swing training equipment. There is a massive market for golf swing aids that help you position your body for maximum performance. Using these devices, your body will become accustomed to the feeling of a comfortable, powerful swing.

5. Allow for Your Misses

The last piece of advice on this list of the must-know ways to improve your golf swing is to allow for misses. Professional golfers do not necessarily always shoot better than amateurs, but they often have a better approach to handling their missed shots. Instead of aiming straight along the fairway, as an amateur would, professionals typically aim for a side of the fairway and leave room for a bad shot. Furthermore, pros try to aim for the middle of the green because it may be too risky to aim for a flag, especially if it lies near a bunker.

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