4 Simple Tips for Improving Golf Shot accuracy

4 Simple Tips for Improving Golf Shot accuracy

From putting to pitching, driving to bunker shots, golf involves dozens and dozens of different skills all wrapped into one game. One of the most important skill sets you must build in golf, though, is your aim. Read these four simple tips for improving golf shot accuracy so that you can improve yourself.

1. Flex Your Wrist at Impact

Flexing your wrist upon impact is one of the simplest ways to gain accuracy on the golf course. When you flex your wrist so that your palm is closer to your forearm, you force the clubface into the right position to control the distance of your shot. You can try 50-yard shots with your wedge using this technique until you get comfortable.

2. Position the Club, Then the Feet

The next point on the list of simple tips for improving golf shot accuracy is to place your club down and aim before you position your feet. If you reverse this order—as many newbie golfers do—your feet will likely face the wrong direction.

3. Point Your Knee to the Ball

Golf is all about your stance, and you’ll learn that small adjustments can make or break your accuracy on the course. A common mistake among golfers is improperly transferring their weight. However, you can perfect your stance by first completing your backswing. As you go down, slide-turn your hips while moving your weight from your left foot. Your knee should point at the ball during impact.

4. Use Visualization Methods

Choosing a general spot where you want the ball to land is not enough to achieve consistent results. Instead, you should pick the exact point. Once you lock it in your mind, imagine a hula hoop or a ring sitting 10 to 20 yards in front of your target. During your swing, imagine the ball going through the ring and landing on the target.

Besides these tips, you can also look into getting tools that will help you improve your swing. For instance, many golfers find a tremendous amount of use from their golf grip counterweights. Look to EndSwate to see if this option interests you.

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