4 Short Game Methods to Improve Your Golf Score

4 Short Game Methods to Improve Your Golf Score

Golfers are always searching for new ways to improve their game, especially when putting and pitching. If you want to learn short game methods to improve your golf score, read this article and see if anything resonates.

Keep Your Toes in During Putts

The point of this strategy is to keep your body low when you putt. With a lowered body, you’ll have much more control over the ball. And by turning your toes in, you’ll improve your chances of maintaining this controlled stance. Next time you practice your putt, watch your toes and try to point them inward.

Stroke, Then Look

Another piece of advice that’ll keep you in control of your body during putts is to learn when it’s best to look at the ball. Among the most vital short game methods to improve your golf score is focusing on stroking your putt. Only then should you look at your ball’s movement.

You want to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary movement above all else. It will take some self-control, but over time, this will blend into your muscle memory.

Choke Down on Short Shots

Simple physics tells us that a shortened lever will deliver less power. To that end, the lower you grip your club, the shorter your golf ball will fly. This is a particularly crucial observation for short chip shots when you need to control how much power you place on the ball. You can put your hands at the bottom of the grip to ensure you don’t overshoot the green.

Dig Your Feet in When You’re in the Bunker

A successful bunker shot requires that your clubhead digs into the sand before it hits the ball. It must also remain in the sand long enough to leave the sand after the ball. To achieve this degree of perfection, you must dig your feet into the sand. The more you secure your feet, the easier it will be to make that divot shot.

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