4 Golf Tips & Techniques for Improving Your Pitching

4 Golf Tips & Techniques for Improving Your Pitching

These four golf tips and techniques for improving your pitching will give you the information you need to bring a new approach to the game. You should try each of these recommendations and see if any of them transform your playing. Pitching skills are necessary to build a strong game. Don’t let your skillset atrophy by ignoring it.

Check Your Wedge’s Bounce

An excellent club for a pitch shot should have a high degree of bounce and loft. Essentially, bounce is the rounded bottom that prevents your club from digging. It’s comparable to the flat side of a skipping stone. Different conditions call for different bounces. For instance, softer surfaces need more bounce than hardpan ones. Once you find the proper equipment for your game, you will see drastic improvements in your pitching.

Be Centered

You can leverage the technology of your club best by keeping your body and grip centered. The markings on the grip should be perpendicular to the ground. You want to center the shaft between your feet. Club shafts that lean too far forward are more likely to dig into the grass.

Adjust Your Setup

Adjusting your setup is one of the most important pieces of advice on this list of golf tips and techniques for improving your pitching. You must learn how to adjust your setup to match particular shots. For example, shorter pitch shots require you to put your hands lower on the grip and bring your feet closer together until they’re nearly touching. Longer shots call for a wider stance, and you must place your hands higher on the grip.

Let Your Body Rotate for Extra Contact

As you hit the ball, you want your weight on your front foot. This will aim the shaft toward the target. You want to swing your clubhead back, lightly bend your right knee into your left, then make contact. Through this motion, the entire right side of your body will rotate forward, offering more power. For added strength, you can also practice this motion with a golf grip counterweight.

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