3 Common Golf Swing Mistakes & How To Fix Them

3 Common Golf Swing Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Golf players frequently run into the same problems over and over again. There aren’t many issues that automatically right themselves in golf, whether they involve troubles with grip or alignment. In this list of the three common golf swing mistakes and how to fix them, you may see some of the obstacles you have rubbed up against.

1. The Grip

Golfers often mistakenly hold the club in the palm of their hand. When golfers hold the club from their palms, they limit the control and power they can deliver. To see if you’re holding the club correctly, look at your left hand (or right for left-handers) and count how many knuckles you can see. If there are more than three or less than two, you have a problem.

A grip with more than three knuckles will leave you struggling with hooks, and a weak grip will make the ball slice. Hold the club’s shaft with your right hand, then wrap your left-hand fingers around the grip to achieve the correct grip.

2. Alignment

Ignoring your alignment deserves its place on the list of common golf swing mistakes and how to fix them. Golfers often forget that their bodies should aim at the target. If you need some practice getting adjusted, you can purchase alignment sticks. By placing two alignment sticks on the ground, you can maintain a consistent setup.

3. Slicing

Many otherwise good golfers have packed in their golf bags for good just because they couldn’t solve their slicing problem. But some drills and methods can help diminish the issue. If you’re a slicer, imagine yourself applying topspin to a forehand tennis shot the next time you hit a golf ball. When you bring that feeling to a golf hit, it will help straighten your slice.

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